04: Neocolonihilism

Empires’ demises praised! Do not be fool’d,
Tho’ colonies bled out all frustration,
Tears glaring triumphant at lower’d flags,
Descendents find fresh fetters rub the nape,
Foreign aid invested as feudal loans,
Festering in a lice-nest interest,
Itching all the day, scratching barely helps,
Red rawly bleeding eye-popping figures
Secreted by stealth in secret accounts,
Rich nations do not maturate the poor,
It is the poor who establish the rich,
Enabling children in the Western malls
To choosing choicest chain-chomps in t-shirts,
Go gaggles of gargoyles, downtown Mumbai,
Drooling hunger within well-lit windows,
Consumerism’s clear demarcation;
Tho’ millions of years minerals make,
Handfuls of Millennia consume them,
A future most definitely finite,
We drill & dig & frack; lacking respect,
Restraint, refusing roads of redemption,
For less than a quarter of all people
Devour & quaff four fifths of Earth’s life force,
While children in underdeveloped straits
Live sixteen times less nourished by the pride
That is our western avarice, meanwhile
A baby dies of hunger as I write.

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