05: Poverty In Extremis

Meaningleft people, menial labours,
Denied that unique dignity thro’ work,
The gross futility of modern slaves,
Colocating with garbage, pollution,
Influxing slums exacerbating strains,
Unseen by those who permeate the cause,
Unheard by those who flick thro’ Now TV,
Condemning millions of under-fives
To drawing last earth-breaths with woeful eyes,
Before they’d known just what it was to live,
They’ll never feel that they were supercool!
Or take the dogs out walking in the woods,
To fall in love & dwell in common trust,
To help a child with their child thro’ the days,
No whiff of this for those squirming thro’ filth;
Midst non-existence of sanitation
Water looks dirty, shelters ramshackle,
No teachers, no doctors, no Mardi Gras,
No vitamins, for parents’ debt too great;
Good souls forcing on criminality,
In flood the drugs, cycles of addiction
Sent spiralling thro’ every cirque of Hell,
Until a last megacity sickness,
Neither mother nor father can afford
To change wages for hospital visits
& so they pray to God, ‘save our baby!’
Who dies that night in soft, malnourish’d arms.


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