06: Paths to Prosperity

In the clutch of international trade,
In the cycle of lowering wages,
Under investors increasing profits,
Heaping misery upon the masses,
Who slaver over morsels in the drains,
More tribulations claw the Global South,
Despite the tiniest carbon footprints,
The worst of alter’d climate they’ll endure,
Some Twenty-First century apartheid,
Entirely wrong, greed-wrought, so let us act,
Enforcing rapid shifts from fossil fuels,
To energies renewable, & free,
Friends, let us, step-by-step, muster this goal,
When all the halycons of Shangri-La
Infuse Nirvana with euphoria,
Bulldozing conspiracized lethargies,
Subsidizing urgent abdications
Of those who’d rather let us burn petrol
Than let prosper sun-power’d fumeless cars;
First legislate to keep the coal below,
Leave oil & gas bub-bubbling undisturb’d,
Apart from what’s essential to exist;
Deglobalising manufacturing
Gives work to all & thus reduces freight,
Slashing emissions til them next to naught,
Then Earth resets, preserving velvet verve
& beauty of this unique sphere of ours.

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