07: The Common Goal

What shall it be, this miracle of ours,
When shaking off the shackles of evil,
Transparency in government a must!
Good food & shelter guaranteed for all
Work-able to universal standards
Spanning various sectors, interests;
Important planetary decisions
By congress’d ecowarriors moulded
Not naughty wee nations obsess’d with gold
Or TNCs thinking they transcend Law,
Or even CEOS, for wealth extreme
Shall simply slam possessors in prison,
When Our Vision mulitiplies by fibres
We will have long eliminated greed,
We will have copied successful models
From each Earth culture, each society,
& wove them all together with thick thread
Spun by Our Common Goal – we must invest
In think tanks, letting clever plebiscites
Invigorate ideas, unity
Stands on the final nation that we build –
Godsent terrestrial federation
Composed in stable peace to securely
Marshall all Our fabulous resources,
The bounties of Nature tamed by Science,
The benefit of all, without burden,
The summit of our dauphin phantasie.

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