08: Money Loops

While World sleeps, lanterns of the super-rich
Burn vainly, spiteful pleasure-loving lights,
Gross built by endless labours of the poor,
As each greed-sodden individual
Slaves creates, generates mass miseries,
By 2035 just one percent
Of swarming populations shall possess
Two thirds of all Earth’s astonishing wealth,
Stern minotaurs manipulating minds
Thro’ media-moulding, judges bribing,
Political leaders hegemonizing,
To keep the masses angry at themselves,
Divide & conquer strategists employ
Thro’ every second’s widening wealth gap;
Shame Indonesian Oligarchies!
Shame Petroleum Gods of Desert Wells!
Shame on America’s three richest men
Fondling more finance than HALF their country!
Shame the price of faded Masters’ paintings –
Such cash could fashion twenty hospitals!
Instead, its swept out of circulation
Via trinkets merely canvas & paint
Slapp’d down in pretty patterns; or is used
With stealth to catena society
Via empty wages, fake elections –
Exhausting, dispiriting money loops
Serving Swiss Contessas red velvet cakes!

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