12: Jekyll Island

Forsooth, no viler monument is there
To human greed, some monster in marble,
Sculpted by vultures’ flock of flash bankers,
The greatest scam in human history,
Some instrument totalitarian
Crowning itself with print-money license,
Dreadful effects staining all living things,
Like when you leave a colour in the whites
& all the sheets are ruined in the wash,
Imagine some black kraken from the deep,
Flailing seven billion tentacles,
Led by six secret, omniscient heads,
Who cabal’d up a century ago;
Absolutely essential secrecy
Swept Jekyll Island’s elegant resort,
Some Berchtesgaden of the new bourgeoise,
To monopolise money in their maws,
To eliminate all competition,
To boost government budgets with vast bribes,
Thus crenellating the cartel from change –
And so was born the Federal Reserve,
Where money springs to life, sent out as loans,
Perpetual interest enriching
Scumsouls who’d sign’d those flim-flam cheques at first,
& for the rest, inflation’s hidden tax
Corrodes all powers of purchase, call’d for
By caustic ogres call’d the Central Banks!

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