13: The Common Voice

From hammer blows spring shining sparks of truth,
When views collide a Common Voice shall form;
One God, One Tribe, One Element, One Law,
Kaleidoscopical in our glory,
Honouring every accented nuance,
Like notes comblending in a major scale,
Communities of skins put in the game,
Some human body beautiful, with wings,
Composed, outwardly, of differing limbs,
Inwardly – many organs mechanized
Together, one elevated being
Cognizant of our fair ability
To rise above the Earth, impinion’d
By angel-thought – yes, we all are angels,
Swooping & up-hooping like dragonkites,
When mind floats upon such divine threshfold,
Trustworthiness tends to tranquility,
Security lends us stability,
& we look down upon dirty dirges
Watch stubborn wrangling’s discord sewer-pour’d,
Watch all our factions blown like confetti
Oer so many sodden Culloden moors,
To celebrate the dawning of an Age,
When food & rooves proved by the Common Fund,
When luxuries rewarded for labour,
When everybody asks this question,
What can I do to help the world today?”

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