14: The Congo Question

Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, so vile,
Millions bloodletted at rogue altars,
Before them was a rider some name Death,
King Leopold of Belgium others call,
Who transform’d uranium-rich Congo
Into a personal slave plantation,
Extracting fat resources from vast lands,
Enforc’d by workcamps, crude executions,
Bloody tortures, body mutilations,
Robespierring deadly genocide,
Crushing a dozen millions to dust,
Stakes drove in place, grating tentacles entrench’d
Today, upsuckling Africa’s fortunes,
Beswatting this impoverish’d mistress,
Her begging suitor, turn’d lover, now turn’d
Scoundrel amoureuse – the Congo River,
As it flows thro’ the gorgeous Grand Inga,
Some magic, megalithic megadam
Could power all of Africa, such force
Unleash’d by holy torrents! Pure progress
Halted & hounded, grossly unfunded,
Look at how Three Gorges raises China!
Hydropower breeds importance, self-worth,
Cutting off imperial stealth taxes,
Saving poor three-in-four primary kids
From homework in the dark – switches on lights,
With power spare to show an old cartoon.


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