17: Transnational Neocolonihilism


Praise Empires’ demises? Do not be fool’d,
Fresh fetters rub descendents at the nape,
Lives festering in lice-nest interest,
Itching all the day, scratching barely helps,
It is the poor who establish the rich,
A baby dead of hunger in the time
I said that sorry line, as astral light
Cannot escape a Black Hole’s gravity
Likewise economies by cabals kept,
Pirates concocting legal challenges
To halt ‘self-interested’ governments
Laughing in faces of upstart nations,
List dragging on & on – with Canada
Banning toxic, chemical additives
From petrol, the Ethyl Corporation
Sued for a quarter of a billion,
Such cases serve as stinking deterrents
To putting proper health before profit,
Promising lawsuits like hustling rustlers,
Like common switchblade crooks on hooker streets
Enforcing filth on widening regions
Repatriating profits to maintain
The masses’ impoverish’d cantonments,
The tiny few’s palatial paradise.

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