17: Womanhood

There was an age of gold before the floods
When pyramids prominish’d Tesla’s dreams,
When women claim’d a right & proper share
Of social cares in equinamity,
And as the cycle of the moon revolves
In majesty, sometimes shy, sometimes proud
Oer the watching bosom of womanhood,
Let us restore those feminine ideals
White doves settling on the shoulders of men
Such a state of existence is at hand!
Rejoice! Emancipation is at hand!
Let womb become God’s garden once again –
Full of wisdom & beryl & jasmine –
Breaking the patriarchy stage-by-stage
The first wave, votes, the second, equal pay,
The third, release from domestic shackles
& sexual slavery, see in these
The liberation of an underclass,
By men constructed, perpetuated
In roles invented only to opress
Crude demarginalisation of half
Of all humanity, let dyadic
Units of mother & child be replaced
By the holy family trinity,
Delineated only now into,
Child, spouse, parent… cast ‘femininity’
Into carboot fire sales for collectors.



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