18: The Theft Of Hope


“Why should we feed the impoverished?”
Cries Kapital, “there’s no profit in them!”
Starving in a world of vast abundance
With one hand looting systematically
The other hands back crumbs of nothing-dust
& calls that ‘gift’ relief, while in the grit
Starving in a world of vast abundance
A man-made famine gnaws at modern bones
Caught in cycles of lowering wages,
Increasing the profits of investors,
Heaping misery upon the masses,
Who slaver over morsels in the drains,
As in a dreary storm invisible
More tribulations claw the Global South,
Despite the tiniest carbon footprints,
The worst of alter’d climate they’ll endure,
Some Twenty-First century apartheid,
Entirely wrong, greed-wrought, so let us act,
Enforcing rapid shifts from fossil fuels,
To energies renewable, & free,
Bulldozing conspiracized lethargies,
Subsidizing urgent abdications
Of those who’d rather let us burn petrol
Than drive about in sun-fuel’d, fumeless cars.

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