18: Human Hope

As evolution prospers over time,
The one sober soul in a drunken brawl,
Each age reaches its vital denoument
& ours has come, pretend no otherwise,
At the behest of cabalistic crimes
Unsuitable pseudo-democracy
Imprisons protests in a dim Bastille;
Wings fall apart, the centre cannot hold,
The logical conclusion of it all –
All localities burst into sunblaze!
Stripping to shred unequal privilege,
Overwhelming chain-sustaining structures
Naming all criminals, shaming their lies –
Hierarchal, authoritarian
Vexations of various extraction –
Confronting grunting swine eliminates
Untold amounts of Human misery,
& with such hogwash silenc’d shall arise
Embitter’d intellectual voices
Become beautiful bastions of hope,
Around whom gathers strength & unity,
Thro’ these the perfect Human anima
Seen within Boddhisattvan Nirvana,
Grows like wild flowers by oppressive walks,
All shades & hues dark pathways to illume
As we, the People, leave a better world
For all who follow on from these brave times.

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