19: Homelessness

Are misfits criminals? To be unloved
Is that a crime, or is it consequence
Of sleeping cold, rough, in dangerous streets,
Stealing soup coupons just to stay alive,
Made lepers as the laws of vagrancy
Attack rough sleepers & their basic rights
To bed down for a night, to sleep off cares,
Not on somebody’s prize lawn, but on land
Folk with abodes explore all lives at will,
Spaces preserv’d for public use, unless
Your social stigma says too low to crawl,
Meanwhile, as unscrupulous inhumans
Lay spikes in shop doorways, phlegming beggars,
All homeless camps, centres & day shelters
Are monitor’d directly by the Law,
Let us counter with fountain tolerance
Bring balance to the basic rights of life
& never feel confronted when you meet
These people of the streets upon the street,
If existences of ghosts not proven
Why treat a human as if them not real
Just one cheeky wink of acknowledgment
Then listen if they strike the ancient match
That lights up conversation, lets words fall
On ears ready to listen, humanize
The moment, for when all are humanized
The triumph of the species shall be ours!

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