20: Visualizing Truth


The Truth, the Truth, is shining all the time,
As bright as Venus, but often obscur’d
By clouds low level; Humankind, when base,
Denies truth aggressively, coats with lies –
But, as Gallileo’s ears sent twitching,
By Flemish invention, & understood
‘Twas founded on science of perspective,
He made a magnificent instrument
With magnification of one times ten,
& from the top of the campanile
Saw lamps hung on ships two hours sail away,
Turning his magic eyeglass to the moon
Saw comet-splatter’d surface uneven,
Deep chasms & vast protuberances,
Swinging his piece to pierce the trailing stars,
O what a beautiful sight to behold!
The first on Earth to feel persuasive truth;
Galaxy myriads, Jupiter’s moons,
Portraiting proof Coepernicus correct,
But churchmen, fearing for their merchandise,
Defamed the pair blasphemers, fled the truth
Of God, belying understanding;
Let us self-interested agendas
Identify, when with a sweep as one
Turn all our apparatus on the skies
That are news stories fed us by scammers,
Search for the moons of truth these planets hide.

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