21: Meat Is Murder

As Napoleon march’d upon Moscow
To watch the Kremlin shudder into flames,
So has the march of Ronald Macdonald
Destroy’d the vegetable edifice
Of Hindoostan… to feed the addicted,
On forests flatten’d rise factory farms,
Preparing chapters between birth & death,
The dullest pages of all existence,
Creating meat – thro’ this cash-crazed scramble
Cages cramm’d with hens, pigs in narrow crates
Can barely move, & forced to grow so fat
Legs break unexercized beneath the bulk;
Fish – the most sensitive & sentient
Of all life’s social creatures – exploring
Hunting, playing – suffering immensely,
Cramp’d land tanks, apalling, parasitic,
Inumanely slaughter’d , slow painful deaths,
Stunn’d ineffectively, flailing, alive,
Dump’d in ice slurries, consciously breathing,
As a fleeting remembrance of hatching
In open waters helps make peace with God;
The madness of these massacres must stop
Let science replace the taste of a corpse,
Lets end the age of cages, strain the brain,
Remove all apathetic modes of thought,
Forever scarred with murdrous infamy,
Our bellies’ open sores no more may bleed.

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