11: Branch Covidians


A universal vaccination, why?
For naught but flu rebranded, a virus
Never isolated, to realize
The twisted machinations of monsters
Who seek control of everything we do
Even that of the sacred right to life
The onslaught of a cull-like holocaust
Of sterilising Juno with a jab…
O what insanity of ambition!
So let us not sit idle in the hope
Of our Universal Natural Law
Working out the problem on its own
The inalienable perogative
Of every citizen is to eject
Tyrannous so-called ‘leaders’ from our lives
Our votes should give us voices in office
Not mutes before imperial decrees,
Where, stinking of colossal corruption,
Governments (conspiritorial dens
Of criminals on robbery hell-bent)
Break mandates, enemies of land & law –
Whom by determined & open actions
Of those who feel truth’s golden liberty
Soon banish’d to pitiless obscurities.


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