23: The Common Goal


What shall it be, this miracle of ours,
When shaking off the shackles of evil,
Transparency in government a must!
Letting Vision mulitiply by fibres,
We shall copy most successful models
From each Earth culture, them together weave
Into thick thread spun by Our Common Goal,
Invest in think tanks, clever plebiscites
Invigorate ideas, unified,
Godsent, terrestrial federation;
Good food & shelter guaranteed for all,
Important planetary decisions
By congress’d ecowarriors moulded,
Not TNCs thinking they law transcend,
Marshalling Earth’s fabulous resources,
The bounties of Nature tamed by Science,
The benefit of all, without burden,
Let coalfields sleep, gas bubble undisturb’d,
Let solar panels power all our needs,
Deglobalising manufacturing
Gives work to all & thus reduces freight,
Slashing emissions til them next to naught,
Then Earth resets, preserves the velvet verve
& beauty of this unique sphere of ours.

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