06: The Current Crisis


Blasted by banal consumerism
An ignorant & uncultured public
Enters its darkest hour, we are embroil’d
In destructions unprecedented, see
Ecosystems collapsing, seas poison’d,
Biodiversity annhialate;
Wildfires, superstorms, famine, drought & dust
Fresh water disappearing overnight
The Amazon is burning every night!
Humanity addicted to vaccines
That renders their humanity void!
Too overwork’d to even think a thought
Outwith narrated mainstream agendas –
They wish to make us animals, to strip
Our human rights, thro’ crises justified
By lies, to rearrange reality,
Such are those unfathomable evils
That sail the flooding oceans of fake news
When social media’s viral instance
Makes first impressions in the vital flash,
Poisoning national conversations
Assulting truth like mad, castrated bulls,
But like the matadors against the beast
When tyrants charge the world, stand firm & strong!


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