That which has arisen bravely from the pit
Can conquer half the globe
With a pitiless destiny,
But return it must to the abyss

Well I walked all over the country
& I wallow’d in the pain
I watch’d the taxi drivers
As they waited in the rain
Saying, “nobody goes anywhere
The country’s gone insane
But please don’t pity me
I’ve fatten’d up on vitamins
Don’t need no dirty needle in my arm
It’s gonna do me harm.”

So I took a walk thru’ Manchester
Tears fallin’ from the top
Saw the shadow of Westminster
Fall upon the hangman’s drop
But the people all assembl’d
In Saint Peter’s Square said,
“Stop! No please don’t pity us
We’re about to be victorious
Destiny & Liberty entwine
Since the dawn of time.”

Well I climb’d the peak of Arthur’s Seat
I looked down on Holyrood
The Parliament & Palace
Did stramash in open feud
The queen commands, “don’t break your oath
Your treason’s rather crude
But please don’t pity them
Each citizen is sovereign
Don’t need no dirty needle in their arm
Its gonna do them harm.”

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