20: Fake Democracy


At election times’ pretended freedom,
The unkempt acceptance of perception
Bends knees at scripted manipulations,
Moulding acquiescent democracies,
From funded think-tanks bias spins on bribes,
Political parties helps to power,
So back-scratch tax-breaks & havens make slaves
Of those whose personal data, en masse
Bought up, studied, to trigger loyalties
With well-timed headlines, blanket coverage
Of insidious, brain-washing bullshit,
While any cause of noble importance
Ignored, brushed over, daub’d in bullish spit,
For in the eyes of certain secret clubs
We are all cattle, dumb, for the market,
Sold & slaughter’d for ravenous gullets
& when we all go skipping to the booths
To place a cross by someone else’s name,
Signing away our rights to question curs
With the cross’d mark of the illiterate;
& never universal anyway!
Some disenfranchis’d, some dissillusion’d
& some just plain denied the so-call’d vote,
By slavemasters sat at varnish’d tables!

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