19: Genetical Unity


Black, white, gay, straight, rich, poor – all shades between;
The one thing shar’d by these is DNA,
There is more genetic diversity
In just one troupe of monkeys than the whole
Seven billions of human beings,
Just tiny tenths of tenths seperate us,
The hairless ape from those still hugging trees,
In our fabulous species family
We’re basically all Shakespeare folios,
With stagecraft, lines & speeches all the same
But maybe there’s a typo in Titus
Photocopied in a Keralan shack,
Sent polymorphing, eventually,
To many, many, many, many more,
But, when comes the ultimate reckoning
All Humans are all descend from four thousand,
Toba’s supereruptive survivors,
Africa’s fabulous Adam & Eves –
Then mixing in marvelous mutations,
Via Nature’s ancient infuence on genes,
You get the vast variety of Man,
Or at least ninety-nine percent of us
The others, super-rich, might share our genes
But never human, no, they are monsters!

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