21: The Governance Of Guilds


We live among archaic institutes;
Two party politics, coalitions,
Dividing, almost gleefully it seems,
Voters with dehumaniz’d rhetoric
Vast majorities of unheard voices
Who wrong-side ballot, flail in sterile soil,
Let us reject partisan loyalties!
Let us accept a superior body;
The leading wisdom of twenty-five guilds
Fair balanc’d by one hundred senators
Standing for equal regions in the land,
Electioneering every second year
Disavows all devious entrenchments
When credentials of individuals
Are open’d up to public perusal
Presented with elections of the Guilds
Vote for none, one, ten, or all twenty-five,,
Then let the local mayors have their day,
Divided into regional sub-groups,
From whom we’ll choose a hundred senators
To fill one hundred & twenty five seats
A senatary meritocracy
A government untainted by ego
To guide the ship of statecraft safely on.

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