14: Jekyll Island


Forsooth, no viler monument is there
The greatest scam in human history,
Imagine some black kraken from the deep,
Flailing seven billion tentacles,
Led by six secret, omniscient heads,
Monopolising money in their maws,
Eliminating all competition,
Thro caustic ogres call’d the Central Banks!
So when the grand auld Notre Dame of France
Beam’d roofburn via newscasts to the world
When billions were bounc’d back by the rich
The problems of the hungry still bypass’d
Screeching, “why should the impoverish’d live?”
Thro’ them our profits sludge, yes let them starve!”
By 2035 just one percent
Of swarming populations shall possess
Two thirds of Earth’s astonishing riches,
Exhausting, dispiriting money loops !
Shame Indonesian Oligarchies!
Shame Petroleum Gods of Desert Wells!
Shame on America’s three richest men
Fondling more finance than HALF their country!
Shame the price of faded Masters’ paintings –
Such cash could fashion twenty hospitals!


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