12: Maskphyxiation


While Human Rights inviolate, enshrin’d,
Illegally removed, taxes misspent
On dubious plandemic responses,
Stood upon spurious scenarios
Heavily conflicted indivduals
Tour the world waving dirty needles
Dripping toxic poisons, while declaring
If you dare to refuse you’re a danger
What possessive forces of selfishness
Consumes these mediocre souls? Evil?
Yes, certainly, but something else
Infests their minds, megalomania!
What gross insanity of persuasion,
Orders murd’rous & orderous lockdowns
Abandoning care residents to die
Without long-loved ones even in the room,
When even sing-songs consider’d harmful
Maskwatching friendly chit chat has replac’d,
While TeeVees in classroom sanctuaries
Spit Goebellsean indoctrinations
At muzzl’d five-year-olds, as their parents’
Businesess & enterprises crippl’d
By measures draconian, opening
Pandora’s Boxes of poverty, pain,
Fabian slaughter by a thousand cuts!

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