05: Mass Media Manipulation


Possession of the truth no longer stands
In the people’s hands, but with liars’ lies
Big business distorts perceptions of truth
To undermine democracy, disgrace
Which dreams up ever more terrible schemes
To influence our thoughts & behaviours
Propaganda’s daily inculcations
Evil infiltrating populations
With falsehoods, creating utter chaos
Assaulting every aspect of our lives
Normalizing the worsening of lives!
Planting hate-triggers into angry guts
Whose dull, fat maggots, burrow into hearts,
Restrict individual faculties
Dividing unbreakable families
Moulds spiritless, enervated beings
Even the so-call’d intelligentsia
Lousy with indoctrinated lurgy
Tows government lines, never objecting
Policies accepts unquestioningly
Forgetting or just choosing to ignore
That unless reality rooted
Beliefs & opinions never truths,
For truth is eternal, immutable!


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