10: Outbreak Of Evil


The spirit of everpresent evil
Burrow’d in our planet’s social fabric
Assaults the modern psyche unprepared
Peaceful worldscapes stunned into inaction
& moral inertia, while Liberties
Flung naked into hope-sapping dungeons
We understand the presence of evil
By patterns of action long recognized
To realise its warp’d, inhuman dreams,
At first we are deceiv’d into thinking
It is a force for good, & intervenes
Succesfully in problems it has caused,
While accurately prophesying futures
Carefully stage-managed, tricks the masses
Into handing over authority
Of judgement to the grubbiest of hands,
That with an insidious arrogance
Assures itself of total obeyance
From a now terrified population.
The next step taken by this charlatan
Is lead its willing victims to the brink,
Convinces followers stake everything
On a solitary course of action
Which ends in devastating disaster!

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