01: Rhapsody For Ourkind


By Whittinghame Water, from lint-soft bank,
Watching rain, could there have been just nothing?
Far better not to think a thing so deep,
Save focus for the stardust what we are,
Alighting stallions to brighter times –
Inside deadly marshes are we wander’d,
This existential crisis of an age,
These flailings of a fake democracy,
Sustaining manipulative systems
& corporate institutions hell-bent
On step-by-step destroying Human Rights
But hope remains – each fresh generation
Of conscientious, ecological
Citizens, holding singular aegis
Of putting Planet First, above all things,
Descry how votes for establish’d parties
Are signatures on the World’s death-warrant;
Let us reject the regret of hindsight,
The stakes have never been as high as this,
World! If we lose this one we lose it all!
& if enough of us believe in Change
Then Change must come, no roof shall stay these dreams,
When the next, new, novel evolution
Has never been been more vital for Ourkind.

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