22: Right To Rebel


At forced procrastination of progress
Springs ancient, revolutionary right,
The Magna Carta halted King John’s tithes,
Slave-soldier Marmalukes oerslew their Sultans,
Less rebels, more agent of destiny!
Come stand with the Cretans at Arkadi,
Paying their punishing Pasha taxes,
Until, among Psiloritis foothills,
In the midst of vineyards & olive groves,
A monastery rang for Enosis!
Accept the necessary scope & scale
Of action, from the D-Day of our dreams
Thro’ Paris to the Reich Chancellery
& blow it up with dynamite, the skill
Is there, the will is there, but shocking greed
Is blocking vital efforts – but take heed!
Go break into the vaults of Tax Havens,
Hurling huge hoards into our hungry streets,
Open all business to transparency,
Lowering prices to their fairest depth,
Imprisoning any crass accountant
Who fudges books or dares facilitate
Illicit stills of moneyman moonshine.

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