09: Soybean Suicide


I saw two frogs a-mating on the track,
Frozen like ice, & then I heard the revs
Of moving car, I stood as still as stone
& watch’d them splatter’d upwards by the wheels
Goo-flesh upflashing, fry-pans spitting oil,
In those sad deaths I found a metaphor
Of how we rumbles down destructive roads,
When nihilism wastes ancyent fauna,
The shrivelling of planetary lungs;
Shame on McDonalds’ bulldozers & chains,
Of holocaustic carnage, while the tribes
Who’d spoke to Mayan gods shantytown flung,
Whose brutally appropriated lands
Grow so much soy & corn under a cloud
Of gluten intol’rance, celiac plagues
Spreading the glyphosate carcinogen
Residued in grain, sugar, other crops
Which animals feed, on these we feast in turn
Ignoring slaughter ‘cos it tastes sooooo good,
Glyphosate weed-killers poison bloodstreams
With feotuses bleeding to death in tears
‘But beautiful’ farmers of bumper crops
Reply, admiring fields where supraweeds
Ensure next year’s increas’d toxicity
& so the ship of poisoners sail on
Slow docking on isles of chronic illness!


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