13: Tyrannasaurus Rex


Betwyx handfuls of private interests
& the Public’s cemented realms of right
There are things in the night that are stirring
We call them tyrants – those who seek control
Of all we do, even the thoughts we think –
Whose reckless behaviour was enabled
Indulged, forgiven, then just written off
By those too dirty to be call’d leaders
Austerity portray’d as sacrifice
For common benefit, angling for praise,
When all they are in fact is excrement
Howling with execration at the Truth
Controlling opposition if exposed
Leading protest nowhere, leave them Scot Free
To wreak upon wide portions of mankind
Periods of crisis and division
Enslavement and debasement, driving paths
With blood besodden, nefarious nodes,
Endless streams of distractive strategies
Beam’d mercilessly at brains to divert
Mass attention from issues most vital
Blasting out banal consumerism
Twenty-Four Seven, out-drowning the Truth
Like rush hour traffic hushes Dawn sangbirds


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