03: Visualizing Truth


As Gallileo’s ears were sent twitching,
By Flemish invention, but understood
‘Twas founded on science of perspective,
Making a magnificent instrument
With magnification of one times ten,
When, from the top of the Campanile,
Spying lamps hung on ships two hours away,
He turn’d his magic eyeglass to the moon
Saw comet-splatter’d surface uneven,
Deep chasms & vast protuberances,
So swung his piece to pierce the trailing stars,
O what a beautiful sight to behold!
The first on Earth to feel persuasive truth;
Galaxy myriads, Jupiter’s moons,
Portraiting proof Coepernicus correct,
The Third Reality replaced by truth
But churchmen, fearing for their merchandise,
Defamed the pair blasphemers, fled the face
Of God, belying understanding;
Let us self-int’rested agendas
Identify, when with a global sweep,
We’ll turn our apparatus on the skies
Penetrate universal deceptions
Find moons of cool integrity & truth.

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