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11: Tax Havens

From winter’s waste grows wheatfield in July,
From destitution restitutions rise,
The World grows slowly wholly well aware
Of how its wealth is siphon’d out of sight
Of state-level laws, hidden from hatred;
Manhattan, Luxemburg & Delaware,
Small fries beside financial Albion,
Its perdifious bullseye paved with gold,
Where secret jurisdictions fix transferance,
The booty of mass thievery, loot sent
To tiny territories overseas,
Such maldistribution of resources
Makes honest stomachs sick, aye just as sick
As those forced to quaff wormwater’s filth-dirt,
Fourteen hundred children slain every day,
We cannot give them charity, so-call’d
Aid is merely the black mask of evil,
What truly must be done is cool justice,
When, as the world is turning debts to dust,
People break into vaults of Tax Havens,
Rescuing riches from fixers’ clutches,
Hurling huge hoards into our hungry streets,
Opening business to transparency
Lowering prices to their fairest depth,
Imprisoning any crass accountant
Who fudges books or dares facilitate
Illicit stills of money’s new moonshine.

12: Jekyll Island

Forsooth, no viler monument is there
To human greed, some monster in marble,
Sculpted by vultures’ flock of flash bankers,
The greatest scam in human history,
Some instrument totalitarian
Crowning itself with print-money license,
Dreadful effects staining all living things,
Like when you leave a colour in the whites
& all the sheets are ruined in the wash,
Imagine some black kraken from the deep,
Flailing seven billion tentacles,
Led by six secret, omniscient heads,
Who cabal’d up a century ago;
Absolutely essential secrecy
Swept Jekyll Island’s elegant resort,
Some Berchtesgaden of the new bourgeoise,
To monopolise money in their maws,
To eliminate all competition,
To boost government budgets with vast bribes,
Thus crenellating the cartel from change –
And so was born the Federal Reserve,
Where money springs to life, sent out as loans,
Perpetual interest enriching
Scumsouls who’d sign’d those flim-flam cheques at first,
& for the rest, inflation’s hidden tax
Corrodes all powers of purchase, call’d for
By caustic ogres call’d the Central Banks!

13: The Common Voice

From hammer blows spring shining sparks of truth,
When views collide a Common Voice shall form;
One God, One Tribe, One Element, One Law,
Kaleidoscopical in our glory,
Honouring every accented nuance,
Like notes comblending in a major scale,
Communities of skins put in the game,
Some human body beautiful, with wings,
Composed, outwardly, of differing limbs,
Inwardly – many organs mechanized
Together, one elevated being
Cognizant of our fair ability
To rise above the Earth, impinion’d
By angel-thought – yes, we all are angels,
Swooping & up-hooping like dragonkites,
When mind floats upon such divine threshfold,
Trustworthiness tends to tranquility,
Security lends us stability,
& we look down upon dirty dirges
Watch stubborn wrangling’s discord sewer-pour’d,
Watch all our factions blown like confetti
Oer so many sodden Culloden moors,
To celebrate the dawning of an Age,
When food & rooves proved by the Common Fund,
When luxuries rewarded for labour,
When everybody asks this question,
What can I do to help the world today?”

14: The Congo Question

Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, so vile,
Millions bloodletted at rogue altars,
Before them was a rider some name Death,
King Leopold of Belgium others call,
Who transform’d uranium-rich Congo
Into a personal slave plantation,
Extracting fat resources from vast lands,
Enforc’d by workcamps, crude executions,
Bloody tortures, body mutilations,
Robespierring deadly genocide,
Crushing a dozen millions to dust,
Stakes drove in place, grating tentacles entrench’d
Today, upsuckling Africa’s fortunes,
Beswatting this impoverish’d mistress,
Her begging suitor, turn’d lover, now turn’d
Scoundrel amoureuse – the Congo River,
As it flows thro’ the gorgeous Grand Inga,
Some magic, megalithic megadam
Could power all of Africa, such force
Unleash’d by holy torrents! Pure progress
Halted & hounded, grossly unfunded,
Look at how Three Gorges raises China!
Hydropower breeds importance, self-worth,
Cutting off imperial stealth taxes,
Saving poor three-in-four primary kids
From homework in the dark – switches on lights,
With power spare to show an old cartoon.


15: Slumdogs & Billionaires

Just as noisy machines from fields first suck’d
The ungirded workers of a Third World,
Screwing them into lice-sewn, smallpox slums,
Where prostitution acts the Welfare State,
Eviction’s threat fretting each waking day,
So Globalisation plays the same sports,
Stuffs Kapitalism’s casualties
In damp & crampening cages; Lagos,
Mumbai, Dhaka, Kinshasa – three in ten
Of all who breathe Earth’s air scuttle thro’ slums
Bereft of services, devoid of homes,
Unfit for habitiation, unhealthy,
Unseen, unclean, unhygenic classrooms
Whittle down children dreaming of mansions,
Tarring early hope, so lurch back home
To invarying, low calorie lives,
Under an aluminium tin roof,
By cardboard walls propp’d up, but waterless,
Acqua transported from rivers & lakes
Or forc’d to buy a tub or two from trucks,
Because they pay no taxes trash stays put,
Burnt, buried, beside babies, breeding rats,
How can it be in an age of great wealth
Insanities of no sanitation
Afflicts about two billion or so
The rest completely oblivious kept,
When only drive-by shootings break the news.

16: Bardic Mission

Pendragon sword, Lord Ollamh of the North,
Returns in testing times, to safety wrest
From causeways of god-awful Ragnarok;
Embroidering six colours into words
I contemplated Hoo’s expanding wings,
Variegated unto royalty;
While gently snipping psilocibyn stalks
Across the mossy-dappl’d turf I rose,
Heaving my heart up heather, moors & crags,
To sit beneath the wide gates of heaven,
Stirr’d into silence by some dreadful thought,
These islands might yet perish, hope yet lives,
Wordhordes Shakespeare wrought, morals Milton swore,
Inspiring drastic futurology
Helping dictate the way the world should be,
An elevation’s beneficial change,
The raison d’etre of the better bards,
Whenever signs & omens overbear
Pendragon poetry parleys with hearts,
Its truth-beknighted clarion calls souls
As if blown to Tara’s triennial
Where scholars, chiefs & bards & petty kings,
Raise up cloud-houses from the Danaan mists
Where all dwell high in peaceful solitude
To ruminate on overarching world
& matters of importance – in this block
Of poetry, come people, meet your minds.

17: Womanhood

There was an age of gold before the floods
When pyramids prominish’d Tesla’s dreams,
When women claim’d a right & proper share
Of social cares in equinamity,
And as the cycle of the moon revolves
In majesty, sometimes shy, sometimes proud
Oer the watching bosom of womanhood,
Let us restore those feminine ideals
White doves settling on the shoulders of men
Such a state of existence is at hand!
Rejoice! Emancipation is at hand!
Let womb become God’s garden once again –
Full of wisdom & beryl & jasmine –
Breaking the patriarchy stage-by-stage
The first wave, votes, the second, equal pay,
The third, release from domestic shackles
& sexual slavery, see in these
The liberation of an underclass,
By men constructed, perpetuated
In roles invented only to opress
Crude demarginalisation of half
Of all humanity, let dyadic
Units of mother & child be replaced
By the holy family trinity,
Delineated only now into,
Child, spouse, parent… cast ‘femininity’
Into carboot fire sales for collectors.



18: Human Hope

As evolution prospers over time,
The one sober soul in a drunken brawl,
Each age reaches its vital denoument
& ours has come, pretend no otherwise,
At the behest of cabalistic crimes
Unsuitable pseudo-democracy
Imprisons protests in a dim Bastille;
Wings fall apart, the centre cannot hold,
The logical conclusion of it all –
All localities burst into sunblaze!
Stripping to shred unequal privilege,
Overwhelming chain-sustaining structures
Naming all criminals, shaming their lies –
Hierarchal, authoritarian
Vexations of various extraction –
Confronting grunting swine eliminates
Untold amounts of Human misery,
& with such hogwash silenc’d shall arise
Embitter’d intellectual voices
Become beautiful bastions of hope,
Around whom gathers strength & unity,
Thro’ these the perfect Human anima
Seen within Boddhisattvan Nirvana,
Grows like wild flowers by oppressive walks,
All shades & hues dark pathways to illume
As we, the People, leave a better world
For all who follow on from these brave times.

19: Homelessness

Are misfits criminals? To be unloved
Is that a crime, or is it consequence
Of sleeping cold, rough, in dangerous streets,
Stealing soup coupons just to stay alive,
Made lepers as the laws of vagrancy
Attack rough sleepers & their basic rights
To bed down for a night, to sleep off cares,
Not on somebody’s prize lawn, but on land
Folk with abodes explore all lives at will,
Spaces preserv’d for public use, unless
Your social stigma says too low to crawl,
Meanwhile, as unscrupulous inhumans
Lay spikes in shop doorways, phlegming beggars,
All homeless camps, centres & day shelters
Are monitor’d directly by the Law,
Let us counter with fountain tolerance
Bring balance to the basic rights of life
& never feel confronted when you meet
These people of the streets upon the street,
If existences of ghosts not proven
Why treat a human as if them not real
Just one cheeky wink of acknowledgment
Then listen if they strike the ancient match
That lights up conversation, lets words fall
On ears ready to listen, humanize
The moment, for when all are humanized
The triumph of the species shall be ours!

20: Visualizing Truth


The Truth, the Truth, is shining all the time,
As bright as Venus, but often obscur’d
By clouds low level; Humankind, when base,
Denies truth aggressively, coats with lies –
But, as Gallileo’s ears sent twitching,
By Flemish invention, & understood
‘Twas founded on science of perspective,
He made a magnificent instrument
With magnification of one times ten,
& from the top of the campanile
Saw lamps hung on ships two hours sail away,
Turning his magic eyeglass to the moon
Saw comet-splatter’d surface uneven,
Deep chasms & vast protuberances,
Swinging his piece to pierce the trailing stars,
O what a beautiful sight to behold!
The first on Earth to feel persuasive truth;
Galaxy myriads, Jupiter’s moons,
Portraiting proof Coepernicus correct,
But churchmen, fearing for their merchandise,
Defamed the pair blasphemers, fled the truth
Of God, belying understanding;
Let us self-interested agendas
Identify, when with a sweep as one
Turn all our apparatus on the skies
That are news stories fed us by scammers,
Search for the moons of truth these planets hide.